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Christene's Story


My wig journey officially started last year after doing chemotherapy and seeing all my hair fall off!!! I cried for days, I looked away in shame how brutal was this I said to myself, why me??? I cried for days upon days. I even remembered not wanting to look at myself in the mirror, I did not know how to accept what I was going through on top of the physical pain there was a mental and emotional pain and issues I didn't know how to cope.

But through my pain came purpose. I'm still healing because just when I thought I overcome one obstacle another one came and I had to cry out to the Lord for him to suit me will al the armor I need to fight through it all!!!

I am now an ambassador and partner in Precision Cancer Care and actively support this cause- Sponsor A Crown for Queen. I too used wigs during my treatment and it made such a difference to my self-esteem and emotional well-being.


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