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Precision-Dare is a cosmetic brand created to empower our clientele to be bold, envision beauty where they would normally see imperfections.

Our products are selected carefully to enhance natural features, draw, sculpt and paint precise, colorful lines making our clientele stand out from the crowd.

We celebrate diversity, healthy body image and uniqueness.

Whether you are classic, sassy or glamourous: Be Unique and DARE TO LOOK PECULIAR !


Precision-Dare Cosmetics was founded with a unique vision to fill the gaps between cosmetics makeup, life trauma and emotional well-being. Our cosmetics lines are designed with clients in mind who wants to rely on cosmetics makeup to boost their self-esteem, cover and repair physical imperfections resulting from life trauma such as cancer or any other health issues. The Brand aims to empower anyone in this situation to use our products to withstand public eye and shape imperfections into beauty statement.

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