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Dignity & Privacy

By sponsoring a Queen going through cancer and gifting her with a wig, you are giving someone who has lost her hair to aggressive cancer treatments, the confidence to feel better about herself and preserve both her privacy and dignity.

It may seem small but we believe that doing something that brings a smile on a Queen's face is better than doing nothing at all.

Let's do it together, One "Crown, One Queen" at a time!

Please click now to WIGS and buy a wig or several to sponsor our women. Use the code PCCWig01 at checkout to benefit from a 25% discount. Our wigs vary in price depending on whether they are human hair or synthetic. (prices start from £25 upwards).

We ask kindly that you provide us with your name and details in the form below so we can contact you and give you an update on how your wig donation has made a difference.

Thank you for your support. We are grateful.

 Precision Cancer Care

Gaelle Sona



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