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Precision-Dare Cosmetics- The Story

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Gaelle- Christian Counsellor, Mentor, Founder & Owner of Precision-Dare Cosmetics- (that's me !😊)

As a little girl I loved playing with make-up and beautiful colours. As I blossomed into my teen years my passion for cosmetics, makeup, hair extensions grew even more as I would yearn to change my looks as often as I could. I used to feel more confident and versatile with every discovery I made about myself with my different and unique taste in styles.

What I found interesting over the years, was the way my confidence grew when I found a product which I felt naturally complimented my look. I loved ‘natural looking’ make-up and realised from an early age that cosmetics had this "power to cover physical and emotional dislikes and at the same time enhance the beauty of their best features, inside and out".

It is striking how a tiny bit of concealer, foundation, or eyelash extension can suddenly make a woman feel "she is the prettiest woman in town"😍.

I am the founder and owner of Precision-Dare Cosmetics which started as a result of an encounter I had during my counselling sessions, with an inspiring young lady. She was going through a series of health trials, resulting in hair loss from aggressive treatments. Even though she was beautiful, she had lost her confidence. However with counselling, she came to the realisation that wearing her hair bald could be liberating, if she could only see beauty in baldness rather than in her illness.

We began to work on her, "owning the bald head and turning it into a beauty statement” This she did with ease, complimenting her new style with stunning makeup, lash extensions and amazing shades…the works!!! All I can tell you is that SHE LOOKED GREAT! Interestingly enough what could have been seen as an imperfection became a beauty statement.

Precision-Dare was born in my head. I wanted to create a brand where clients would not be afraid to shape their imperfections into beauty statements and ‘Dare To Look Peculiar’ Special and Unique. I believe that we are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and that we are called to break the mould and be different- Peculiar!

OUR MISSION: Precision-Dare was designed to empower our clientele to be bold, envision beauty where they would normally see imperfections. Our products are selected carefully to enhance natural features, draw, sculpt and paint precise, colorful lines making our clientele stand out from the crowd.

We celebrate diversity, healthy body image and uniqueness.

Whether you are classic, sassy or glamourous: be unique and ‘DARE TO LOOK PECULIAR’.

OUR VISION: Precision-Dare Cosmetics was founded with a unique vision to fill the gaps between cosmetics makeup, life trauma and emotional well-being. Our cosmetics lines are designed with clients in mind who wants to rely on cosmetics makeup to boost their self-esteem, cover and repair physical imperfections resulting from life trauma or any other health issues. The Brand aims to empower anyone in this situation to use our products to withstand public eye and shape imperfections into beauty statement.

Come discover great products! Support Black Entrepreneurship in cosmetic retail to reduce inequalities and discrimination in the cosmetic industry; where 90% of cosmetic lines on the market are non-black.

Visit us on Facebook@ Precision-Dare Cosmetics

Shop on our website:

Check out our Instagram and YouTube channel- Precision-Dare Cosmetics


I thank the Lord God Almighty, who has inspired me, blessed me and entrusted me with this mission and made it possible.

I wish to extend my gratitude to the amazing ladies who have modelled for Precision- Dare, namely Christene, Jazzy, Hope and Coline who have been fantastic to work with. Ladies I appreciate you!

Special thanks to my darling husband, Dee, who has been my greatest support in this venture.

Finally I would like to thank you all for your support in promoting Precision-Dare Cosmetics

Gaelle Sona

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