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Sponsor A Crown For A Queen


According to Cancer Research UK,  there are around 367,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, that's around 1,000 every day (2015-2017). In females in the UK, there were more than 179,000 new cancer cases in 2017. 

PRECISION CANCER CARE was founded to fill a gap and support women victims of cancer to access a free quality wig close enough to their natural hair to help them overcome the stigma that comes with people knowing they have cancer and preserve patients' dignity and privacy.


We want to do something practical and

find sponsors who will help us purchase 100 new wigs and donate them to women experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment. 

We also want to become one of NHS UK approved wig bank supplier by the end of 2022.


-Cancer patients or Friends/Family can contact us directly and apply for sponsorship for a free wig by filling an application form. (Proof of cancer diagnosis may be required). We will then contact all our sponsorships for funding. We may ask that cancer patients pays for postage.

-Our customers can help us by buying a wig of their choice on our website, through the Wigs section that we will then donate to cancer charities. We aim to work with any cancer charities accepting Wig donations. 

All wigs are new, our prices varies  from £25 to £55 for synthetic wigs and from £85 upwards for Human Hair wigs.

-All customers purchasing wigs on our website for cancer patients will be given a 20% special discount code. This is Precision-Dare Cosmetics way of giving back to the community and supporting women suffering with cancer.


It is worth noting that choices of wigs for black people are limited when it comes to cancer charity wig banks in Europe, so we want to let everyone know that we cater for Black Hair and have a wide range of wigs!!! So again spread the Word...


We do not take any cash donations or money transfers, we ask kindly that you purchase a wig on the website using a code specially allocated to Precision Cancer Care Wig bank. The code is PCCWig01. ​Our intention is not to raise money but to crown women with hair that look like their own, whilst they are going through chemo or other treatments or until they can own the bald head or until their hair grow back.


Please, please Spread the Word!!! Let people know that we are here to help and need support. We cannot do it alone! 

Bless a Sister, a Mother a Daughter, a Wife.

Thank you for Making a Difference

Precision-Dare Director

Gaelle Sona

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